Trisha Simmons, Photographic Craftsman

The Personal Me…
I have always had a love for the arts.  In high school I learned to draw and paint with watercolors and received awards for my works.  In addition to the visual arts music plays a major role in my life. I love to play the piano and organ and enjoy attending musicals and concerts. I am a MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher of Music and enjoy teaching piano and sharing my love of music. I have been married for 23 years and am grateful for my husband, 3 crazy kids, 3 crazier dogs who support me in all my endeavors.  
The Photographic Me…
Being raised by parents who were photographers, how could I not develop a love for photography? In high school I began working in the business. Because of my love for painting, I am able to design and paint custom backgrounds for our studio, proms and school photo sessions. I really enjoy working with digital photography and the many artistic avenues there are on the computer.
I am a current member of the Arizona Professional Photographers and Professional Photographers of America.
  • The Al Buehman Award- Highest Scoring Image in Arizona, 2015
  • Top Ten Photographer in Arizona in 2015
  • Certified Professional Photographer Competition Award, 2015
  • Fuji Masterpiece Award
  • 1st Place Illustrative 1996, 2015