What is a Memory Mate?

A Memory Mate includes both an individual & team printed on an 8x10 sheet. See samples of our sports products below. 

Who can be in a buddy picture?

Siblings, teammates, parents, etc... Basically anyone! Buddy pictures are limited to 4 people.

My child has multiple orders. Can you package their photos separately?

We are happy to package orders separately. Be sure to turn in a separate envelope for each order. Multiple orders on the same form will be packaged together. 

My child missed pictures can they still get a picture taken?

Yes! We are happy to take a make up picture here at our office within one week of the original picture day. Please contact us to schedule a time. If it has been longer than one week you can still come to our retake day in November or May. 

My child missed team pictures can they be added to the photo?

Due to variations in lighting, locations, backgrounds, etc... we are unable to add people to team photos.

Can I view and order sports pictures online?

To protect your child's privacy we are currently unable to offer online viewing & ordering of sports pictures.

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