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This is a payment portal only! 



Envelopes MUST

be filled out and

turned in with your


number or your

order cannot be




To pay for your child's school pictures online.

1. Fill out your child's (children's) order envelope.

2. Select the package(s) from the drop down menus below. Enter your child's LEGAL name and school in the boxes and click buy now.

3. Click continue shopping to order additional packages. 

4. Check out through PayPal. 

5. Print your receipt and enclose it in your child's (children's) order form(s) or you may write your PayPal Transaction ID on the slip provided.

6. Send the order form and receipt to school with your child (children) on picture day. 

You may pay for multiple children's orders in one transaction. Be sure to fill out a separate order envelope for each child and print a separate receipt for each child. 

If you don't have a printer available you may write your PayPal Transaction ID on the slip provided. 

*Payments will appear as PAYPAL *PROLIGHTINC on your credit card statement.



Payments made without entering your child's LEGAL name at checkout cannot be linked to their order form and the order cannot be processed. 

Envelopes MUST be filled out and turned in for every child or your order cannot be processed. 



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Child's School





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